Childrens Dua and Hadith Card (English)

Childrens Dua and Hadith Card (English)

৳ 150.00


Children’s Dua and Hadith Package (Flash Card)

Compiler- Sondipon Team

Editor- Abdullah Zubayer

Total cards- 16

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৳ 150.00

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Children like colorful pictures. They can learn many things from these. That’s very easy too. Mindful of this, we bring you this “Children’s Dua & Hadith Card Package.”


Why these flash cards are unique:

  1. 16 flash cards
  2. 10 cards for Dua and 6 cards for Hadith
  3. Essential Masnoon Duas for daily life
  4. Charming and colorful pictures
  5. Pronunciation and meaning of “Duas”
  6. Nice and clear fonts
  7. Easy to read


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