Moral stories for Children

Moral stories for Children

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Moral stories for Children

  • Writer- Fahad ibn Illias
  • Translator- Ishtiak Ahmed Tusher
  • Total books- 6
  • Pages- 124
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৳ 560.00

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Many animals live around us. Animals also live in distant forests. Everyone’s lifestyle is different. These animals are very dear to our children. However, we cannot understand their life story like Prophet Sulaiman (AS). Therefore, the author tries to paint some moral education on the children’s curious mind-canvas by drawing stories in imagination. Hope it will be educational and enjoyable for children Insha Allah.

Funny names of different animals have been selected for children. In addition, the use of neat and fluent language is also excellent. The reality of the world is highlighted in the stories. Again, the interesting ending has a great moral lesson for the adorable little children.

As children have the opportunity to learn the identity of different animals and birds by reading this story, at the same time various moral and behavioral lessons have been gathered in each story. The lessons drawn using story are usually longer lasting in the minds.
Now it is your turn to hand over the “Children’s story of morality “series to your beloved Children.


The series includes- six books with six different stories.

  1. In the stories, nature, animals, and birds are allegorical characters.
  2. Animals are given different funny names, which are quite enjoyable for children.
  3. Beautiful attractive graphics design are also there.
  4. There are practice sheets at the end of each book.
  5. Fundamental lesson is briefly mentioned at the end of the story.


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